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Frequently asked questions

Can I consult with the doctor in English?

Yes. Dr Moustris is fluent in English and has work experience in the UK.

What can I expect from an appointment with a neurologist?

Successful diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases requires a relationship-based approach. At each consultation, there should be plenty of time to discuss all the aspects of the condition, its impact on daily life and potential treatment options.

The physician usually starts by asking questions about the symptoms, medication use and any past or present medical issues. The next step includes reviewing laboratory tests or exams that may have already been performed  (i.e. MRI, EEG, blood tests). These are followed by the clinical neurological examination: a series of painless tests that objectively assess the functional status of various structures of the central and peripheral nervous system.

During the last part of the consultation, neurologist and patient engage in a discussion regarding the root causes of the symptoms, disease prognosis and management options.

How long does an appointment last?

The first consultation usually lasts 40 to 50 minutes. If additional laboratory or neuropsychological testing is performed, it may last up to an hour.

I 'm visiting the office for the first time. What should I have with me?

You should have your social security number (AMKA), along with your health card. If you are currently taking medication, write it down on a list and bring it with you. If you ‘ve already undergone tests (blood, emg, eeg, etc) bring the reports with you. Especially for MRI or CT scans, make sure that you have the accompanying CD (not just the report).

In cases where a full history cannot be elicited (i.e episodes of loss of consciousness), it is recommended that a person who witnessed the event is present during the consultation.

Do you perform and EMG/Nerve conduction studies?

Yes. The doctor will review your history and perform a clinical examination prior to the nerve conduction studies/electromyogram.

Do you perform memory and cognitive function tests?

Yes. Testing is done with widely accepted standardized rating scales. The extent of the tests and the choice of scales depend on the patient’s history and lab results.

Do you provide in-home neurological care?

Yes. In-home consultations are arranged after a brief discussion of the patient’s issues over the phone.

Can I visit your office on an emergency basis?

For emergencies, please contact Dr Moustris directly at (+30) 211-1837011 and 6947602754.

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